About Us

Founded in 1993, ChildNet Medical Associates, the physician partners of Valley Children's Hospital, is an independent practice association of nearly 500 primary care and specialty physicians dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of children.

ChildNet provides physician members support for their medical practice through contracting, credentialing, procurement contracts, and risk management forums.

ChildNet’s comprehensive panel of pediatric providers offers health care plans a single source for primary and tertiary level pediatric services.

ChildNet physicians are on a mission to provide the highest level of pediatric expertise and quality of care to meet the unique pediatric health care needs of Central California.

In collaboration with Valley Children’s Hospital, ChildNet physicians are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare practices, policies and procedures are in the best interest of the children.             

Together we will achieve ChildNet’s mission to continually improve children’s health care by supporting and enhancing the practices of our members in partnership with Valley Children’s Hospital.